Physicians Engagement for Clinical Trials

The Food and Drug Omnibus Reform Act (FDORA) now requires drug makers to submit and deploy strategies to include racially and ethnically diverse patients in clinical drug trials in proportion to their disease burden. We are currently exploring opportunities with physicians interested in being compensated for a proactive role in these clinical trials with a minimal investment of time and resources. As a trusted provided, we believe your expertise and trust relationship with a diverse population would be invaluable.

Nearly two-thirds of people (or 75%) surveyed indicated they would join a clinical trial if the trial were supported by a doctor they trust. knowRX helps to better involve patients by training and informing their trusted doctors about clinical trials and assisting them to better inform their qualified patients.

We have a solution to simpify this, the Portable Information Exchange System, or PIXS.

PIXS provides clinical trial sponsors a secure web portal for initiating outreach to physicians trusted by eligible patients and access to investigators operating within their communities.

Through communication and information sharing by sponsors, physicians are empowered to enhance their awareness. Sponsors facilitate this process by conducting confidential patient surveys to gather insights into patient preferences, protocol design concepts, cultural sensitivities, and patient recruitment strategies. Moreover, sponsors directly distribute approved clinical trial information to trusted provided based on machine learning matching, fostering greater awareness and engagement among physicians regarding ongoing research opportunities for their eligible patients with reduce administrative noise.

Reason for Physicians to Participate as Navigators or Accelerator

  1. Provide patients with access to state-of-the-art, subsidized medical testing as a part of the clinical trial evaluation process that may otherwise be unavailable.
  2. Provide patients with access to, and evaluation of new medical treatments under intense monitoring and follow-up that could benefit them but would be unavailable outside of a clinical trial.
  3. Position patients with the opportunity to influence the development of medicines that might benefit them, and others like them.
  4. Establish an avenue for HCP compensation and practice financial support with minimal HCP effort that helps to ensure the continued availability of medical services in traditionally underserved communities.
  5. Achieve broad community recognition as a contributor to advancing medical knowledge and appropriate use of therapeutic advances for ethnically diverse populations of disease sufferers.
  6. Facilitate HCP knowledge and experience with advances in the understanding of disease and therapeutics to facilitate appropriate adoption of medical advancement for patient care.
  7. Establishing the HCP as the trusted resource for clinical trial information allows them better awareness and influence over clinical trial participation and interventions that might affect the quality and continuity of patient care.
  8. Positions HCPs for recognition and compensation for contributions to drug development in multiple therapeutic categories as a part of drug innovator strategies to achieve diversity of clinical trial participation required by the Food and Drug Omnibus Reform Act.
  9. This is not just a financial opportunity, it's a chance to make a lasting impact on patient outcomes and medical research. Patients prefer to receive information about clinical trials from their trusted physician who may not often be aware of them. 

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  1. IRB-approved materials specific to the trial made available on-demand for physician review.

  2. Enter agreement for direct distribution of trial information to trial-eligible patients.

  3. Direct patients to resources to assist their informed decision-making.

  4. Direct patients to clinical trial sites in their community for further evaluation and recruitment

  5. Free patient digital health mobile application for ease of knowledge sharing.

  6. Financial compensation to physicians reflecting the value of their time and effort.

  7. Access to new drug innovation knowledge.



  1.  Inform patients about clinical trial options.

  2. Disseminate trial information within your geographic area.

  3. Direct patients to resources to assist their informed decision-making.

  4. Free patient digital health mobile application for ease of knowledge sharing

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