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KnowRX developed PIXS™ as the digital platform to help achieve Therapeutic Equity™ for better health outcomes. It uses machine learning to enable the efficient and secure exchange of relevant information between those involved in clinical trials planning, execution, participation as essential parts of developing and transitioning better data into better health care.

To address a persistent impediment to speed and efficiency in drug innovation, KnowRX uses PIXS to accelerate engagement and improve retention of American patients in clinical trials. Our technology helps to inform and assist physicians and better integrate them and the patients who trust them into the clinical trials process.


Clinical Trials

With your protocols and our machine learning engine, we quickly evaluate our network of nearly 1 million providers along with patient data inclusive of diagnoses, medication compliance history, and social determinants of health (SDoH) to identify trusted providers in proximity to your investigative sites.   These tools allow for more efficient outreach into the desired patient community. These same tools can be used to select new investigative sites.


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KnowRX helps empower trusted clinicians in underrepresented communities to help their patients participate in clinical trials.  Our PIXS platform helps HCPs engage and outreach to all patients that could benefit from treatment innovations and expand care options for patients under their care.

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Health Institutions

KnowRX offers our community healthcare institutions the use of PIXS for building and maintaining trust with patients and promoting healthy literacy and the efficient use of medical resources. We use our technology to assure healthcare institutions are recognized within and outside of their communities for their contribution to advancing treatment innovations and improved guidance on their use in a diverse population.

We educate physicians with timely information about innovations in drug therapy currently under development.  For those patients who choose to participate in clinical trials, we use our technology to help maintain their connection with their "trusted provider."  Physicians are given access to a secure web portal that allows them access to knowledge articles about new medication research, investigative site locations near their place of practice, and a learning management system that offers on-demand training and a more in-depth understanding of the clinical research process. 

Your patients are offered the use of our personalized medication management application as a part of our digital health platform.  Patient use of this application may qualify your institution for financial payments offered through new CMS billing codes for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM).  Additionally, your institution can gain access to real-world insights into the patient's health journey under your care.”


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